If you decide to buy a property you will need to employ the services of a lawyer to complete the usual legal requirements.

If you are dealing with a property company it is likely that they will know of a suitable lawyer and will recommend that you use his services. This has the advantage that he will have completed many similar arrangements for the property company. Meaning that procedures and contacts between the lawyer and the property company will already be in a place. This should lead to fast completion and if a there is a problem it should be resolved very quickly. Some people may prefer to find their own lawyer so that they know that any advice they get is truly independent. See our Useful Points page for more info.

As well as a Lawyer you may well need the services of a Public Notary. In Greece it is the public Notary that draws up the contract.

Normally your Lawyer will recommend a Public Notary but you may prefer to find your own.

Click HERE to see a list of Public Notaries.

I have listed some English speaking Lawyers below but if you would like to recommend anyone that you have personally dealt with please e-mail us and we will add their details

Zoe Lama - Attorney in Law

Offering a wide variety of law services Zoe deals with all aspects of property purchase including handling Cases between individuals regarding the ownership right, boundaries, lease contract cases as well as negotiations, formation and signature of contracts of property purchase and lease contracts. Contracts of property purchase include the legal search of the property (vendor's right of ownership, mortgages, debts, sequestrations etc) till the signature of the contract and the registration of the title to the competent Land Registration Office.


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