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My girlfriend and I travelled from the UK to Crete in August 2003 and after looking at a variety of properties, in a number of locations, we placed a deposit on a two bedroom apartment in the Almerida Bay area.


The property was bought off-plan and was finished at the beginning of 2005.


Around about the same time we built a web site (www.westerncrete.com) containing useful information and links for anyone else looking to buy a property in Western Crete.

The site has been so popular that we decided to build this site to help people looking for property in Eastern Crete. Whilst some of the information is the same on both sites you will find a lot of differences on the property companies page, rental companies page, management companies page, lawyers and public notaries pages, cheap flights pages, car hire pages, useful links page and the books and maps page. These pages have been tailored to show relevant information relating to the region of Eastern Crete.

We went to Crete in May 2005 to pick up the keys and spend our first holiday in our Cretan home. To see the progress report for the building of our apartment click here.

When we first started looking for a property we were considering buying in Spain but it soon became apparent that the prices in Spain were too high for our budget.

As well as the high prices the other reasons why we decided not to buy in Spain included:

1) Companies advertising prices in pounds that had been calculated using extremely optimistic exchange rates that would mean the property would actually cost thousands more when the real price in Euros was worked out.

2) Companies sending out brochures with price lists that didn’t match the properties.

3) Some apartment blocks that looked more like prison accommodation

4) The feeling that certain areas in Spain are becoming over developed.

5) Hearing stories about high crime and tourist rip offs in certain areas

However this was just our personal opinion and I don’t want to offend anyone who owns or hopes to own property in Spain !

 I know that there are still many nice unspoiled areas in Spain if you have the time to find them.

Due to our work situation we didn’t have this time and we felt that if we didn’t buy this year prices could rise again and we wouldn’t be able to afford anything that suited our requirements next year.

Anyway having started looking for alternative locations it didn’t take long before we found out about Crete and its beautiful beaches, villages and cities. Having been to Greece many times before we knew that the laid back way of life, the friendliness of the locals and the cuisine would be ideal for us.

I wont say too much here as you can find out all about it from the useful links section that contains links to all the best Eastern Crete information sites.

Once we had decided on  Crete we spent a lot of time searching the internet for information and that gave us the idea for making this site.

Hopefully saving you many hours of searching as we hope to be the leading reference site for anyone considering buying property in Eastern Crete.

We can only make this site the best with your help so please contact us and send us any useful information and links.

All your comments are also welcome so please send us an e-mail and let us know what you think - good or bad !!

Hope you enjoy it,

Dave and Angie



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